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As 2016 is opening up a new year, students will want to start fresh. However, they do have unforgettable regrets in 2015. Anonymously, students talked about their biggest regrets for 2015. Many students want to forget or do better to lessen the sense of regret.

Students left regrets in academic, sports, and personal relationships.

 “I guess not being able to talk to those who I used to talk with. Because I’m so introverted sometimes I may walk by people without saying anything because  I’m kind of in my own world. So my biggest regret is that I don’t talk as much as I should.”

“Not studying for some of my classes such as pre cal with Mr.K.”

“Biggest regret is signing up for a class that I thought I could handle. I signed up because my friends were in it. And I couldn’t handle is so my grades dropped. So advice to underclassmen never sign up for classes because your friends are in it cause if you can’t handle it, your grades would drop.”

“My biggest regret would be procrastinating on my finals. I will make sure to study once I know there will be an exam coming up.”

“Allowing myself to balance work, school, my clubs, and an active social life has really taken a toll on my academic success. I’m barely able to keep up in certain classes due to almost everything else that I do.”

“My biggest regret of 2015 was letting a guy come between me and my best friend because friends should always come first.”

“My biggest regret would be not following my heart.”

“My biggest regret for 2015 was being unable to volunteer as much as I could have. Being unable to assist those whom I have assisted in the past was an extremely disheartening experience. In 2016, it’s a new year, a new beginning. I will strive to become more active in giving back to my community as a way of saying thank you for all the things the community has done for me.”

“My biggest regret was taking Ms. Konishi’s midterm without a calculator. Because I thought she would have calculators, I didn’t bring one and there ended up to be none for me to use.”

“Not giving my best effort at things I could’ve done a lot better, grades and my JV season.”

“I think that my biggest regret would be being grouchy to people that I might need in the future. I feel like so many things irritate me and so I take it out on people and I’ve learned that you should be nice or cordial to everyone because you might need them in the future and they won’t want to help you because of the past.”

Not everyone had a great year, but instead a year with regrets. As 2016 is approaching, new year resolution is a fresh start for another year.

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