Can We Be Too Politically Correct?

By Charlie Goddyn

Pigeon Press (Portland, Oregon)

The millennial generation considers itself the most progressive and forward-thinking. Truthfully, we are making the same mistakes the generations before us made. Instead of promoting equality, all we have done is further divided ourselves.

Social media has played a big part in the recent “social justice” movement. While this movement has shined a light on important topics such as racial and LGBT equality, it has also oversensitized people and created double standards.

According to social justice warriors, a pejorative term that has been used to describe hostile activist bloggers, but has been adopted by them as their official name, if you don’t know what LGBTTIQQ2SA stands for, you are a gay-hating bigot. If you are a male, you can never experience rape or sexual harassment.

The campaign started on the blog site Tumblr. The primary points of interest in this campaign are women’s rights and LGBT equality, but it has expanded to promoting oversensitivity and inaccurate information on these subjects.

It is quite a hypocritical movement, as they have isolated certain demographics in order to reach “equality.” If you want to achieve social justice, a good way to start is by being open-minded to all demographics and backgrounds.

There is a privilege fallacy in today’s world: we believe that social advantages are created by race, sex, gender and sexuality, while in reality, they are created by wealth and class.

America has one of the highest GDPs and living standards in the world. Ninety-nine percent of Americans have access to running water, electricity and sanitation, according to World Health Organization annual water sanitation report.

We live in a society where people are not executed or castrated for suspicions of homosexual activity such as Uganda, or arrested for promoting “homosexual propaganda” such as Russia. Not quite the same as dealing with high school bullies.

The organization Black Lives Matter is a good example of what a successful social movement looks like. They took racial profiling by police, an important issue that needed to be addressed, and brought it to the spotlight. Have they stopped racial profiling? No. But Black Lives Matter has made it an issue that Americans now care about.

The issue is that people are so afraid of being politically incorrect they cannot state their opinion without the fear of being shamed by their peers. For example, a theater in Leicester, England renamed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Snow White and Her Friends. Why? Because they thought using the word dwarfs would be offensive to little people. Bigotry doesn’t go away just by switching a word.

As many young people complain about the ignorance of their parents, the adults laugh at our own. Political correctness has now turned into a euphemism for over-sensitivity and close-mindedness.

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