Open Carry Law in Texas

By Kyle Gehman

The Roar (Leander, Texas)

While President Barack Obama is working  to make it harder for Americans to own guns, the Texas law that allows people to openly carry their licensed guns took effect on January 1st.

“I don’t support people owning guns in the first place,” sophomore Ruben Luna said. “I don’t think there should be a law that helps people promote the buying of weapons.”

Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into a law in June as the 15th state to allow open carry. At first there was worry that it would be upsetting to just walk into the store and see someone with their gun, but now licensed gun holders are also turning their backs to the law. Supporters of gun rights are saying the new law has made businesses more aware to gun laws and are banning guns on their premises even more. The “30.06” sign prohibits concealed guns and “30.07” prohibits openly showing guns.

“We have lost more than we gained,” a user named Distinguished Rick on the gun rights website TexasCHLForum said. “I have had my CHL 20 years this year and I hardly ran into any legal signs back then. This has woken up the anti-crowd in a big way. So now the genie is out of the bottle and I don’t see a way to put it back.”

All places that allowed concealed guns on their premises will also allow the open carry law to be observed. School campus’s will stay “gun-free” zones along with other public institutions like airports and courtrooms.

“I think as long as guns stay out of places they shouldn’t be, like schools, it’s fine,” sophomore Lauren Pohl said. “Whether your gun is shown or whether it is not doesn’t matter. What should be important is how safe we are.”

Photo Credit: The Roar

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