More Than Just Social Media: Use These Apps for Stress Management

By Maya Black

The Crown (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Students go through stresses everyday that have to do with homework, studying, testing, and even meeting deadlines with paper work and with all that, personal life gets in the way also.

Yet new technology makes kids want to get on their phones and text or socialize.  Here are a few apps that will allow you to focus more and get better grades. Pinterest is a app that can basically help anyone. It has different ideas and tips to help people who need it. For students, Pinterest helps them organize better by showing them ways to arrange their folders, binders, and books for better educational purposes. Another app to download is MyHomework.

It’s an easy way to write down students homework and assignments coming up and to keep track on when the due dates are and what needs studying for. Apps similar to this one include Todoist, an app that allows you to create lists and manage tasks app. If apps are unavailable, even using your phone’s calendar would make a great reminder, just by typing in what’s due on which day. Kids that need help studying can use Studyblue, which allows students to make online flashcards for which they would be able to study for their own tests whenever they needed.

Studyblue is a great source to use before midterms or finals even. Another app like Studyblue is Quizlet. Quizlet also lets students make their own studying tools to help them pass a test as well. All in all, students have hard, stressful lives with having to go through everything, but these helpful apps make students lives a little bit easier just with a click of a button.

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