Negative Energy Invading Hallways

By Marlon Golatt

The Hoof Print (McDonough, Georgia)

Students at Ola High School are keeping administrators and resource officers busier than ever. There have been multiple incidents of students engaging in verbal confrontations in school hallways in classrooms. Student Resource Officer Deputy T. Benson said, “The number of physical hands- on fights is lower than last year, but the number of negative altercations in the hallways is higher this year than the last two years.”

For students who come to school solely to receive their education, this problem is a constant nuisance. School hallways should serve primarily as a route to move from one classroom to the next; not the gathering location for the next WWE showdown.

Students need to focus, academics are difficult enough to handle without the distractions from students shouting profanity and egging on fist fights. As high school students, we enjoy having the freedom to sit where we please in class, and eat out in the courtyard during lunch. However, if students keep taking advantage of these privileges, future students will not have the same luxuries that we are quickly deteriorating this year. School should not have to be run like a prison, but if students continue to push school staff and administrators, our resource officers just might gain a little more authority than we might prefer.

The bottom line is, students in high school should start acting like high school students. Just because we are provided a little more freedom and a little less supervision, does not give us the right to act like uncivilized hooligans. Let school be for education, and keep all other nonsense off of school grounds. This way, every student has the same opportunity as the next.

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