Bling Your Ride

By Shaun O’Brien

The Crown (Wilmette, Illinois)


Whether you’re a new driver, experienced driver, or an awful driver, your car is your second home. You may spend 15 minutes driving to school everyday or an hour driving to your friend’s house on the weekend, but in either case, your car is attached to your essence.

Maybe you have mysterious brown stains on your carpet or a collection of coins wedged in between the car seats. You may also have fond memories for each little scratch on your car. Whatever the case might be, you most likely spend a lot of time in your car. So why not enjoy it! Here are a few car accessories to add a personal touch to your car.

Real Feather Keyring – $12

24V06JGRN_normalLight-Up Gummy Bear Keychain – $6 Urbanoutfitters.com37607165_040_b
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West keychains or necklaces – $10 Etsyil_570xN.792123226_b7pb-475x348
Pink Fuzzy Dice – $4.98 Tintoyarcade.comTTA1724-PINK-FUZZY-DICE-224x332
Disco ball keychain – $68.00 KateSpade.coms-l225
Poop Emoji – $3 BrandyMelville.comr1029000002_f_2-1-317x475
Burger Keychain + Belching Sound – $5.00 Kikkerland.com609a90a4916197516881d424057e666a
Air Freshener – $4.95 urbangeneralstore.com17012500_x1-1
Flamingo air freshener – $2.99 perpetualkid.comFlamingo-car-Air-Freshener.jpg_220x220

Photo Credits: UnsplashThe Crown


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