Weird News January

By Bella D’Agostino

The Crown  (Wilmette, Illinois)

Sheep Stop New Zealand Car Chase

Police caught suspects after their car getaway was cut short by 150 sheep crossing the road. The chase started when the police saw a car with improper license plates speeding down the road. The sheep belonged to a local police officer. Three men and one woman were arrested. None of the sheep were injured in the incident.

Photo Credit// pixabay

Photo Credit// pixabay

Lizard in Salad Becomes Class Pet

After being found in a student’s salad, a 3-inch green anole lizard became a central New Jersey elementary school’s class pet. Before the lizard was found in the salad, it lay lifeless and cold in the refrigerator. It has since been thawed out and is living in his new home—a fifth-grade classroom.

Photo Credit// pixabay

Photo Credit// pixabay




Man Confronts Darth Vader in one Epic Proposal

Couple Ian Coulson and Lizzy Holt share a love movie for epics such as “Star Wars” and “Lord Of The Rings.” Ian asked Lizzy to marry him in a Star Wars proposal video. Ian reenacted his favorite scenes from their favorite Star Wars’ films. Lizzy’s dad was featured in the video as Darth Vader in a battle scene where Ian asks for his permission to marry Lizzy. The proposal videoincluded a cameo by Gollum from “Lord Of The Rings and a light saber fight between Ian and Lizzy’s father, Scott Holt. The dad gave his permission and so did Lizzy.

Photo Credit// pixabay

Photo Credit// pixabay

One of a Kind Giraffe spotted in Tanzania

Omo is an albino giraffe that was spotted last year and is now living inside Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. She survived her first year which is the most dangerous since other animals prey on infant giraffes. Additionally, giraffes are usually poached for meat and her unique coloration makes her a good target. However, Omo’s chance of survival are very good.  Omo is the only pale giraffe that the Tarangire National Park is aware of, but the search for other giraffes just like him will never end.

Photo Credit// pixabay

Photo Credit// pixabay

That Tiny Pocket in your Jeans Actually has a Use?

Many people have wondered what that tiny pocket above the regular front pockets on jeans is used for. Wonder no longer, because Levi’s confirmed that its small pocket is a watch pocket. The pocket was originally made for men during the 1890’s who wore pocket watches and needed just the right sized protective place to store their watches. The pocket has served many other purposes over time.



Photo Credit: The Crown

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