The 100 Season 3 Premiere Review

By Irene Lau

Rough Rider  (Honolulu, Hawaii)

After the long wait, season three of The 100 titled “Wanheda” aired on Jan. 21, 2016. Starting at where season two left off, three months later after the shocking events at Mount Weather, character development has shifted drastically.

It begins with the same eerie atmosphere. Beginning with Murphy at the hidden house, he slowly starts to lose his mind due to the months of isolation. At this point, it’s easy to tell how much time has passed since the season two finale.

Jaha appears to still be transfixed on the City of Light, and tries to convince Murphy to come along with him, but Murphy was never the type to follow through so easily and believed that Jaha wasn’t in the right state of mind.

It’s later discovered that after Clarke left, she is still on the run but another factor is thrown into the mix. She’s being hunted by everyone and became know as the “Commander of Death” (Wanheada).

New alliances are formed and new enemies begin to arise. After watching episode one, it leaves you with the desire of wanting to know what is going to happen next. But after all you are never really sure what events could occur since the show is full of twists and turns.


Photo Credit: Rough Rider

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