Are All Fast Food French Fries the Same?

By Lexus Sagisi

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

While some of you answered yes, the correct answer is no. This past week, I tried every fast food restaurant and discovered something different about each one of them. You may be asking yourself what’s most important about fries? How crunchy is it, how hot it is, saltiness? No, it’s determining the portion you got for how much you paid for. No one could possibly have a favorite fast food place to satisfy their french fry cravings because they believe they all taste the same? Don’t worry, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

There are way too many fast food places to keep count but there are three main places everyone goes too, to satisfy their cravings.

McDonald’s; Although this is everyone’s first thought when it comes to fast food but looks can be very deceiving. When you actually eat a fry, it’s the complete opposite of what they look like. It’s not crunchy, it’s not hot and if you looked closely or cared enough too, there is enough salt, being the issue for most of us.

Burger King doesn’t mess around when it comes to fries, they won’t get soggy when you’ve had it in your lap for a long car ride, they aren’t crunchy but they fill you up quicker no matter what size you get. Although Burger King sizes are smaller in packaging, the fries are larger, they’re more dense and chewy and the level of salt is barely there, it’s good with or without ketchup.

Lastly, Jack and a box, I personally have never eaten their fries because I prefer their curly fries way more. There are the holy grail to the fry nation, they hold their shape and will be hot if you eat them an hour later. They are good with or without any sauces.

Wherever you go, you will get what you pay for. I prefer to go to McDonald’s if I am nearby one. $2 for a large which is reasonable while Burger King has medium and large sizes look the same, just an extra fry or two. Curly fries are different because they take up a lot of space but it’s bigger in size.

Photo Credit: The Rough Rider

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