Is This an Improvement or a Loss?

By Anna Fan

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Naviance is an online program that guides students to find their college and career. It begins, with students getting to know themselves. This is a crucial step because without the knowledge of oneself, it can be hard to develop one’s interest.

“Naviance is a web based program to help students figure out what career they want to go into, college research, and things to get them college and career ready,” Mrs. West, Naviance coordinator and counselor, said.

The student lifecycle in Naviance includes self-discovery, career exploration, college and career preparation, and academic planning. These four categories set a basic foundation for college research.

“To me it seems like the purpose of Naviance is to help us be more college ready on a larger scale by helping us narrow down different colleges and help with goal setting,” Marsha Ho, a junior, said.

The comprehensive college and career readiness from Naviance provides students with the information they need to prepare for life after high school. The main purpose of Naviance is to encourage students to create a plan by providing categories to help them to discover what their individual strengths are.

“It’s beneficial for some people because you learn more about college but changes such as going more into depth for things like free application for federal student aid, what to include in your college apps and what tests need to be taken,” Jessica Kiyuna, junior, said.

However, some students feel that Naviance is a waste of time because it is not helping the students with planning their future. The only thing to do is just to complete the assignments given.

“There is nothing in Naviance that the College Board website doesn’t provide,” Marsha Ho, a junior, said.

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