Trends: Honolulu Edition

By Lexus Sagisi

The Rough rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Clothing trends have been popping up everywhere, trends seem to be followed like hot potato. There’s a wide variety of people who change up one single trend but there’s a time limit for it and once it’s gone, no one ever wears it again.

Trends do come back and it may be new to some people when it does. Lately, I have been noticing trends sticking around longer than usual.

1. Overalls;  Denim is an iconic look and everyone by now should own a jean jacket or mom jeans Overalls can be dressed up or down.

2.   Birkenstocks; There are many knock off versions to the cork bed sandals everyone has been rocking and half the price.

3. T-shirt dress and Rompers: The simpler the design, the easier it is to layer other pieces.

4. Color/Prints: Working around prints and colors can be difficult sometimes but contrast colors that work.

5. Mesh Clothing: Although, there is athletic appeal, they’re a great for layering over a plain colored shirt.

Photo credit:David Boté Estrada

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