Walk faster, everyone hates you

By Meilin Quinn

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii)

If someone is walking directly behind you in an otherwise empty, narrow pathway, chances are that they’re trapped behind you and glaring at the back of your head.

Slow walkers are like sloths except sloths are super cute and you don’t want to shove them.

I get it. We all have lazy days. 90% of my days are lazy days. But if you’re going to take 5 minutes to walk up a flight of stairs, maybe stay to the side and don’t walk in the middle of the stairway?

The worst are groups of friends who, for some unknown reason, have to walk next to each other, using up the entire width of the path.

Do you not realize that other people are behind you? Seriously, everyone hates you.

Photo Credit: Jocelyn Cote

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