Four Instagram Accounts You Need In Your Life

The Wildcats Roar (Whippany Park, New Jersey)

By: Gauri Deorkar

The following is a list of four Instagram accounts that have made my life a little more complete. In a world where saying that kind of thing about accounts on a social media site is okay, maybe we should all go out a little more. Enjoy!

@sadtopographies – This account features places around the world with the most depressing names. “Unfortunate Cove,” “Hopeless Pass,” and “Point No Point” are just a few such places that this gem of an account broadcasts to its followers. With a base of 17.6k followers, sad topographies is as its bio insists, “somewhere to go, when you’re feeling low.”

By: Gauri Deorkar
@sadtopographies scrounges Google Earth for depressing sounding places.

@feministthoughtbubble – A tribute to some of the most talented, inspiring women in the world, feminist thought bubble features drawings of women with thought bubbles of wisdom. “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity,” says a drawing of Viola Davis (as well as the real Viola Davis at the 2015 Emmy’s). Follow this account for inspiration as well as a running list of amazing women.

By: Gauri Deorkar
@feministthoughtbubble: Crushing the patriarchy with amazing drawings. What more could you ask for?

@cashcats – Have you ever wished that someone would create an Instagram account dedicated to cats posing with cash? Well wish no more, because such an account exists. People from around the world submit photos of their cats posing with cash, of any currency, to this account for the rest of the world to enjoy. Your wish has been granted.

By: Gauri Deorkar
How could you possible frown after looking at this picture? Thanks, @cashcats.

@socalitybarbie – This account is dedicated to poking fun at hipsters and those who claim “good vibes only.” On this account a Barbie doll, yes a Barbie doll, poses on train tracks, on nature trails, and in a sudsy bath. All of the pictures are followed by almost a paragraph of hashtags and an ironic caption.

By: Gauri Deorkar
@socialitybarbie’s Instagram feed is probably better than yours and she’s made of plastic.

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