Delicious, Decadent, DIY Food

By Caroline Galliani

The Crown (Wilmette, Illinois)

School Pupils love food. Seriously, ask anyone. When you come to Regina for example, you gain at least a few pounds between the bake sales, soft chocolate chip cookies on the daily, and surprise pizzas or donuts that appear a bit too regularly.

However, I take pride in the fact that I love food more than most things. I think about dinner while I’m eating lunch, and I think about breakfast while I’m eating dinner.

Whenever I happen to stumble upon Buzzfeed DIY food videos, I have to save them on my computer for later (so I can daydream over them, of course.) I’m being a bit dramatic, but these DIY food videos are BOMB.

Check em’ out.

  1. Oreo Icebox (no bake) cake 
  2. Guacamole stuffed egg rolls 
  3. Healthy fruit smoothies
  4. Guacamole onion rings
  5. Creamy zucchini kale pasta
  6. Cheesy pizza dip
  7. nutella stuffed pancakes 
  8. Ice cream birthday cake
  9. Nutella coffee milkshake

 Photo credit: Marta Schoenle

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