The Problems Of Being Tall

By Lexi Kerzman

Want Esteemed Contributor

Tall people face challenges everyday, ones that most people will simply never understand.

There are many things in life that people can control: weight, hair color, style. Then there are those that can not be controlled; at the top of the list, height. It is not easy being over six feet tall, especially for girls. From wardrobe malfunctions, to stupid questions, and name calling, tall people put up with a lot. Chances are, that tall kid in gym class does not want to tell you his exact height, and no, he does not play basketball. Here are seven more things to never say to a tall person:


  • “How’s the weather up there?” Yes people really ask this. Is it supposed to be a joke? While the short community may find this funny, everyone over 5’9” will not see the humor. This joke died in the 90’s and it should have been buried and forgotten by now. And in case it is not intended as a joke and short people are just that dumb, it feels the exact same up here.
  • “Are you getting ready for a flood?” It is not tall people’s fault that clothing designers hate them. Pants are never long enough, not even those that claim to be “long length.” Clothing manufacturers put the word “long” on pants that are only slightly longer than the regulars and expect that to fix the problem. News flash: it does not. Everyone in the tall community is still running around with capris when all they want is full length pants. This problem is not contained to pants, every time a giant wears a long sleeve shirt they are asked “oh is that a three-quarters shirt?” No, no it really is not. And who could forget about the dreaded dresses? Every tall girl knows the struggle of trying to find an appropriate dress. Girls with long legs are constantly scolded for showing too much skin, when they really do not have any other choice. It is not their fault that clothing companies refuse to make dresses to fit them.
  • “How tall are your parents?” Tall, they are very tall. Imagine for just a second a tall person asking a short person “how short are your parents.” The short person would be offended and mad because gigantor over there is making fun of their height. Why is it any different? The double standard is ridiculous. It is okay for everyone to comment on a tall person’s height, but never on a short person’s lack of height, because that is just plain mean.
  • “Can you reach that for me?” No the vertically gifted community do not mind helping out the less fortunate every once in awhile, but sometimes it gets annoying. Tall people are often taken advantage in workplaces, especially in retail stores. When a tall employee comes into work they are automatically the ones stocking down shelves or changing light bulbs because they do not need to bring out the ladders like their short co-workers. What if they just want to run the till one day? What if they do not want to help every customer reach the top shelf?
  • “You have huge feet!” Well of course a tall person has big feet. It would look out of proportion if they did not. How would they hold their long body if they did not have a big base? Finding shoes for big feet is almost as hard as finding long enough clothes. Every tall person knows going into a shoe store that they will have a maximum of four pairs of shoes to pick from. That is if they are lucky. On the odd chance they actually have a wide variety of shoes in the big foot sizes, they are never cute. Try finding a perfect shoe to go with an outfit when the only options are a tennis shoe or men’s flip flops. It really ruins an outfit when the shoe does not match, but every tall person has mastered pulling off this look.
  • “How old are you?” Every tall child knows the pain of this question. Just because they are tall does not mean they are older. Most tall people grow up faster because they simply have to. People do not give them the opportunity to be little because they never really were. Parents of tall children seriously consider carrying their birth certificates with them when they go out to eat so they have proof they are still young enough to order from the kids’ menu. Those poor children did not ask to be interrogated every time they go out to eat, they just want to eat their kid-size chicken fingers in peace.
  • “Can you move your head? I cannot see the board.” It never fails, teachers will always make the fatal mistake of putting the classes very own friendly giant in the front row. As soon as they start the notes, the whines of all the shrimps in the back begin. It is not tall people’s fault that everyone else is short. Instead of tall people moving their head into an uncomfortable position all the time maybe the short people should just grow.


The tall community faces many problems, but being tall is not all bad. Every giant needs to take a deep breath and learn to truly appreciate their height. It is a blessing hidden in an over six-foot curse.

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