The Very Worst Customers

By Lexi Kerzman

Want Contributor

Rude customers are everywhere and every cashier deserves more respect.

Most cashiers and food service workers know what it is like to deal with a rude customer— someone who simply has no manners. Everyone is guilty of being a rude customer at some point, it is human nature. But, some people let their bad day turn them into complete pains. Some seem to forget that cashiers are people too, and if they think back to kindergarten when they learned the golden rule, they would treat everyone, even cashiers, how they want to be treated. There are unfortunately a few types of customers that every employee knows. These are the most frustrating customers. Here they are, the top five worst customers:


  1. Lucy the last minute shopper. Lucy does not feel that the closing time applies to her. She likes to walk in 10 minutes before the store closes and takes her time, even if it is after the store is closed. The cashiers have to stay late, and more than likely they are beyond ready to go home and do not want to stay a second longer. Sometimes Lucy does not even apologize to the cashiers for making them stay late, which makes the cashiers even angrier. A simple “sorry” can go along way; this one word can make the cashier feel completely different. Chances are they will be much more understanding and willing to help even a Lucy if she has good manners.
  2. Todd the tornado. Todd walks down every aisle, picks up an item, and then three aisles later, decides he does not want it and stashes it where it does not belong. This means the employees have to work even harder at the end of the night to straighten the store. The cashiers are going to get super frustrated because every customer seems to be a Todd. It is not that difficult to put the things back where they found them. In fact, it is harder for the worker at the end of the night to put random items in their proper spots because they have more things to do before the store closes.
  3. Chatty Cathy. Most cashiers would not mind having a conversation with customers, but it is hard when they are on their phone while checking out of the store. Cathy likes to talk on her phone the entire time her items are being rung up. She does not realize how rude this is to a cashier. Cashiers do not know whether or not to try and make conversation with her, or just let her continue her phone conversation and run the risk of Cathy being upset that the cashier did not ask if she found everything she needed. It is one big awkward situation. Every customer should try if at all possible not to be on the phone while they are paying for their items.
  4. Noah the know-it-all. Noah has never worked in a store before, but he still feels that he knows everything about retail. The workers may not know everything about the store, but they more than likely know more than a customer. Even if they do not know the answer to the customer’s question, nobody likes a know-it-all. And just because a customer shopped at a similar store in a different town, does not make him an expert. Do not be a Noah. Let the workers figure it out. Chances are they know the answer, and they will figure it out faster without someone breathing down their neck and offering their two-cents.
  5. Over-the-top Olivia. Olivia thinks if a store does not have one thing her world is going to end. Stores are going to run out of things, they may not have Olivia’s size in every shirt, or maybe they do not have the right plates for her son’s birthday party, but everything will be okay. Olivia will throw a fit and complain to the workers about something that is not their fault. The workers try their best to keep all the shelves fully stocked, but they have to take care of all the customers in the store before they can worry about stocking the shelves. Other times the store may just be completely out of the item, and it is no one’s fault. The Olivias of the world need to take a deep breath and remember everything will be okay, even if they do not have the napkins they saw on Pinterest.

Cashiers try their best to make sure every customer is happy, but that can be hard when customers choose to be rude. If more customers remember their manners and treat the cashiers respectfully, the cashiers will be more willing to help them. Golden rule people, golden rule.

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