Mannequin Challenge

By Kimiko Maeda Leon

The Rough Rider ( Honolulu, Hawaii)

The Mannequin Challenge, where people freeze in place in striking positions, has gone viral, slowly taking its place next to other sensations such as the Harlem Shake.

Thousands of videos have surfaced since since a Florida high schooler posted theoriginal video back in October.

Celebrities Joining In On the Fun

Various famous people, from Hillary Clinton to basketball teams have made videos of themselves doing it. Blac Chyna even made one while giving birth to her baby.

What Makes It a Mannequin Challenge?

  • “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane (most common) or another song playing in the background
  • A group of people posing as still as possible
  • The more dynamic and wild the scene, the better

Why “Black Beatles?”

Since the original video featured the song, others who made their own video used it as well. It soon became an integral part of the Mannequin Challenge.

Photo Credit: bahind

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