The Success of a Student: Sports Edition

By Taylor Watkins

The Hoof Print (McDonough, Georgia)

Life can be anything but easy for a high school student. We go to school for more than 7 hours a day and then go home to stacks of homework. What I find truly amazing is the student who can do that and then be completely dedicated to a sport.

Practice is usually and hour or two, two or more days after school. Some are even longer. Marching band students practice almost every day during the week except Wednesday. Football players have practice every day for almost three hours. Competitions, games or tournaments basically take the entire day or night. In my limited experience with sports, I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to get work done on meet days.

In my limited experience with sports, I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to get work done on meet days. It can be overwhelming, but some students do it with grace. They keep up with homework, classes, and sports without missing a beat and that is remarkable.


By Taylor Watkins

Athletes put their blood, sweat and tears into the game and yet many of their peers still do not care to support them. Some even have the audacity to complain about their performance. That’s not acceptable; we should be cheering them on not beating them down. I love when people say things like “I could do better than that,” because I would like to see them try.

People are more than willing to attend the Friday night football game, but what about those other sports. Volleyball, softball, any JV game. Student attendance to these games is lacking, and that’s unacceptable. We should support all of our sports and all of our athletes equally.

As students, we should support and have pride in them. We should cheer them on every chance we get and never put them down.

Sports can offer students with scholarship opportunities and the chance to make it to the big leagues. If you are on that path I encourage you to keep going and work hard but always remember that your school supports you. If you ever need any help, well, in my opinion, that’s what it’s here for.

Photo Credit: balachandar Radhakrishnan


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