Is Moonlight better than La La Land?

By: Meilin Quinn

The Rough Rider (Honolulu, Hawaii):


Do people actually care about the Oscars? I don’t know because I didn’t. But I heard about the blunder at the end of this year’s award show and figured I should maybe watch Moonlight. I had seen La La Land, and it was so lovely. I figured, if the film lost as Best Picture to Moonlight, Moonlight could be lovelier. Moonlight was not lovely.

It was mostly just extremely depressing, and tragic at times. The ending was also kind of weird, but it was beautiful in a way. That’s really the only way I can describe Moonlight. It’s a coming-of-age film about this boy named Chiron who is bullied at school, but also has a rough home life (his mother is poor and a crack addict), but he’s also secretly gay. One thing I especially enjoy about this film is that, while it has depressing themes, it also has beautiful and stylish cinematography — it’s filmed so that nearly every still can be reduced and screen-printed on a hoodie sold at Urban Outfitters or something.

La La Land beat Moonlight in Best Original Movie Score, which makes sense to me. While they both have great soundtracks, the jazzy music of La La Land was more engaging and memorable.

Is Moonlight better than La La Land? They are both extremely different movies, that take place in different universes. It’s hard to compare one to the other. In terms of technical cinematography, I would say they’re both equal. However, to me, while both were great, the musical merriness of La La Land trumps the deep and depressing Moonlight–watching La La Land was a more positive experience.

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