Snapchat Spectacles review

By Margot, Baer

The Tower Pulse (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)


On Nov. 10, 2016, Snapchat released a new product unlike anything the tech industry has seen before, the Snapchat Spectacles. This new and riveting product is a pair of sunglasses that takes videos from your point of view.

When first released, Snapchat made it very difficult for the everyday person to obtain Spectacles. You could only buy Spectacles through a machine called a Snapbot. Snapbots are  Minion-looking vending machines that are randomly placed in major cities around the U.S. The Snapbot works like this: you go up to the machine after waiting roughly 3 hours in line and choose the color Spectacles you want: coral, teal or black. Next, you insert 120 dollars plus tax and the SnapBot will spit out your glasses in a plastic container that looks remarkably similar to a tennis ball can.

Recently Snapchat has made online purchasing of Spectacles available. Now everyone in the U.S. can own a pair of these magnificent glasses.

Spectacles work like this: Once you receive your glasses and open the tennis ball tin you’ll see your glasses come in a triangular case that will also charge them. You remove the Spectacles from the case and put them on and open the Snapchat app. Once they’re on your face, you look into the Snapchat camera and they will pair via Bluetooth to your phone. Now your Spectacles are ready to shoot video.

To shoot video on the Spectacles you press the button located on the top of the glasses. The video will shoot for 10 seconds and you can press the button again for 20 seconds and again for 30. The videos will then go straight to your Snapchat memories within the app. From there you can send the video to your friends or post it to your Snapchat Story.

The Snapchat Spectacles are perfect for anyone who loves to shoot fun, amateur video. They are reasonably priced considering their one of a kind features they are also cheaper than most Ray-Ban sunglasses. Snapchat is the first company to make a product like this that is obtainable by the everyday person. Snapchat Spectacles are often compared to Google Glass which came out in 2013 at around upwards of $1000, but Spectacles are easier to use and far less expensive.
Snapchat Spectacles are a fun way to capture videos without having to be watching what you’re shooting through a screen. They are definitely worth the money if you’re looking for a fun way to shoot quality videos that are extremely easy to share amongst your friends and family.


Photo Courtesy of AdamPrzezdziek

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