“Pop” into style: the new way to hold your phone

By Abigail Lindsay

The Periscope (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Give your hands a rest; the PopSocket is here.

While PopSockets came out in 2012, they more recently have broken out and become a hit. In January of 2016, the millionth pop socket was sold. USA Today named PopSockets among the “coolest tech you have to see.”

The Popsocket is an accessory that attaches to the back of your phone.  Collapsed, it allows you to easily hold your phone.

Social media has definitely helped PopSockets grab the attention of the modern teens.  The average teen spends approximately six hours on their smartphone per day.  PopSockets just make holding your phone even easier.

Madison Richwine, a sophomore, said of the trend,“I like PopSockets because [they] allow you to securely hold your phone with one hand and the PopSocket also allows you to prop your phone up.”

Richwine’s not alone.

“Yes, I do use PopSockets, and I love them,” said Julia Peet, sophomore.

There are also other huge selling points for the PopSocket brand.  When expanded, PopSockets can be used to prop your smart phone up when doing activities such as watching a video or movie.  Some PopSockets even include a mount which you can place in your car.

While it seems PopSockets are all good, there are a few downsides.

So what is there not to like about PopSockets, you may be asking yourself?

Many people see them as an unnecessary item.  They do not see the point of PopSockets.  They believe doing things such as putting your phone in your pocket will become harder with the PopSocket sticking out.

Another issue: durability.  While the adhesive that attaches the PopSocket to the back of your phone may seem strong, over time, it may fall off because it has lost its stickiness.

“I had one but it lost the stickiness to it; that’s why I don’t use mine anymore,” said Peet.

PopSockets may seem very simple yet many people love them for their usefulness. They are helpful when you want to hold your phone or prop it up, but PopSockets do stick out and can eventually lose their adhesive.  Will PopSockets be a passing fad or will they stick around for a while?

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Miller

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