Opinion: To Christmas, or Not to Christmas?

By Jacqui Mercier and Chase Clark

The Tower Pulse (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

To Christmas – Jacqui Mercier

They don’t call it the “most wonderful time of the year” for nothing. most people have happy memories associated with Christmas, so why not enjoy what it has to offer a little earlier?

From decorating in November to playing Christmas music in August, I see no harm in celebrating as far in advance as possible. Afterall, I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey’s  “All I Want For Christmas is You” since July with absolutely no regrets.

In my experience, when you play Christmas music early, most people are pleasantly surprised and sing along, creating an enjoyable moment for everyone involved– even though this happy, surprised reaction fades quickly for most.

Since the first day of school this year, I’ve had a Christmas Countdown on the whiteboard of the school’s photo room and my peers seem to like it as much as I do. They often remind me to change the number when I forget. Sometimes I’ll even show up to photo during the seventh hour and see that someone else has already updated the countdown for that day.

Since Christmas has been on my radar for months now, most of my Christmas shopping is done, completely eliminating that last minute Christmas shopping stress and allowing me to get the best deals on everything.

As far as early decorating goes, there is no harm in some Christmas lights up a little sooner than usual If it’s not your house there’s no reason for you to care.

At the end of the day, Christmas festivities, whatever they may be, have the tendency to cheer a lot of people up and gives them something to look forward to. If celebrating Christmas in the fall isn’t your thing that’s cool, but just know that’s not going to stop people like me from continuing to do so, after all, you’ll probably come around by December.

Not to Christmas – Chase Clark

I’m sitting here writing this column on October 29. Halloween hasn’t happened yet and it’s not even November, yet for some reason, there are Christmas lights on all of my trees and shrubbery. This is a problem.

Everybody loves Christmas but some people really overdo it on the decorations. I’m not talking about that one house on Lakeshore that you can see from space because I’m all for crazy decorations. I’m talking about the people that have Christmas lights shining before October is even over with, or the people that put up a tree in their living room in the beginning of November only to have it die weeks before Christmas.

When people put up decorations this early, it completely takes away from the spirit of Halloween and Thanksgiving, which happen to be two of my three favorite holidays (behind Christmas, of course).

The main argument is whether the “Christmas season” should start before or after Thanksgiving. The answer is after. For some reason, this polarizes people more than pineapple on pizza, and I never really understood why.

I love the Christmas season, but if it lasts from late October to late January, it completely takes away from the hype. If you’re counting down the days to Christmas months before December arrives, by the time you get to Christmas day, it almost seems bland. If you’ve been celebrating Christmas for months already, there is no difference in how you feel when the big day finally arrives.

The only thing worse than people celebrating Christmas too early are the people who can’t let it go when it finally passes. Christmas decorations should be taken down and the music should be off the radio within a week after. We need to be able to move on and let go until another year passes when the debate strikes up once again.

Featured Image: Deborah Lee Soltesz

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