Boos & Hoorays: 2017-18 one for the (history) books

By Precedent Staff

The Precedent (Gilbert, Arizona)

Twenty-eighteen has become a historic year before even reaching June. The country has seen activism by students and teachers alike, the anticipation of another royal wedding, and an internet meme as divisive as “the dress” in the Laurel versus Yanny debate. With this much happening in the first part of the year, we will have much to discuss as the rest of 2018 progresses.

HOORAY! Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has had a career on the rise for years. The former “30 Rock” writer tried his hand at rapping, writing, creating, and starring in his own TV show, starring in the newest Star Wars installment, Solo, and now, turning the internet inside out with his newest music video for the song “This is America.” The video is politically charged, addressing the issues of gun violence, police brutality, and race, and the internet has been trying to decipher its hidden meanings since it dropped.

BOO! It is the fourth quarter of the Perry’s 11th year being open, so why are parents still cutting us off in the parking lot? It should not be that hard to restrict access to the parking lot to students only, especially with a security sitting near the entrance each morning and afternoon. It only takes one parent to stop traffic completely and make me late to first hour, so please, use parent drop-off and not the student parking lot.

HOORAY! Beach volleyball, despite not getting as much credit on-campus as they deserve, brought home the second-ever state trophy in the school’s history. Although they aren’t given a space on campus to play and practice, they still give everything they have to represent the school well.

BOO! With the addition of yet another Dutch Bros. near Perry, traffic is beginning to strain the already-terrible Val Vista. Now, not only is the road congested with commuters trying to reach the 202 entrance, but the hectic parking lots of Quik Trip and Dutch is swimming with cars 24/7.

HOORAY! Security guard Wayne Glashagel is always putting students first and he does anything to make sure that we are safe around campus. The Purple Heart recipient has served our country through the military and has brought that mentality to campus. Glashagel is quick to react to a student in need and is always brightening our days. Glashagel makes sure that each student knows that they are welcome and noticed by talking about their day or giving them a simple wave as they walk past his office.

BOO! No one really ate Tide pods and meant it, but it has become the catch-all among adults for anything stupid “our generation” does. No kid our age ever took that seriously, but here we are, with baby boomers rolling their eyes at Gen-Z yet again.



Photo Credit: Claudette Gallant

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