APPLY: Third Annual Summer Journalism Fellowship

Portland, Oregon (August 20, 23)

Join us for a weak-long journalism fellowship program aimed at exposing young people (that is you guys!) passionate about journalism to different forms/types of journalism via experiential learning, guest speakers, and seminars.

In it’s third year, the seminar hopes to build upon the success of connecting youth to experienced adult mentors and create a more interactive and impactful week of action. We have moved the seminar’s central location to a more centralized area of downtown Portland, and this allows us to increase our time in the field, pursuing potential stories, and experiencing first hand what goes into respectable journalism and multimedia.

The fellowship this year will seek to both demonstrate the importance of robust and accountable journalism, but will also discuss ways to be innovative and to grow your respective brands and portfolios in an ever-modernized world. We will then take those principles and have the opportunity to immediately test them, through the creating of investigate and or/op ed pieces that will adress a pressing issue in Portland such as transportation, housing or police. These pieces will be published on Want News For Teens and the Oregonian/Oregon Live.

With that said, we encourage you to apply. The week wont be strictly lectures, or writing or excursions, it will be an action oriented mix of the three that has proven to be engaging and ultimately inspiring to the past youth that have joined us! Reach out with any questions below and we look forward to talking further!


Dates: August 20-23

Location: PSU School of Communication (UCB (University Center Building) 440.)

Cost: 50 Dollars for 4 days including food, and all costs related to trips and activities. FREE if payment will be an issue. This does not affect your selection for the program and will be worked out after you are selected.

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