In Musk We Trust

By Ben Henschel 

The Harbinger (Prairie Village, Kansas)

Elon Musk is the epitome of productivity. SpaceXTesla Motors, and PayPal are among the many influential companies he’s created. His constant innovative mindset has resulted in, among many other things, the creation of the most powerful rocket in the world and a vast increase in electric cars throughout it.Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 7.10.47 PM

Yet somehow, news media, including NBC and The Guardian, have been relentlessly throwing shade at Musk.

They denounce his actions, criticizing his companies’ “waste” of money on groundbreaking and creative projects. They claim the $300 million spent on SpaceX’s most recent rocket launch should have gone to the poor and oppressed people in need.

While it’s honorable to donate money to help the downtrodden members of society, Musk should not be shamed for choosing to spend his money on technological innovation. These reporters should call on the billionaires who waste their money on yachts and mansions, and leave those who waste it on changing the world alone.

Through his constant drive to improve things, Musk is paving the way for children across the globe that live in a world where anything is possible. From rocket flights to selling flamethrowers for fun (yes, this happened) — being a scientist is finally cool again. In a world where it seems like it’s only cool to be a lawyer or doctor, these inspirations are a necessity.

SpaceX, one of Musk’s many genius establishments, has become one of the biggest privatized aerospace manufacturers in the world, and the most innovative company pertaining to space according to Fast Company magazine. Born out of Musk’s portion of the money from PayPal, he poured everything he had into the now prospering company.

SpaceX is private, deviating from most space organizations that are run by countries, like NASAEPAJAXA and CSA. This means most of the money used by SpaceX is funded by revenue (with the exception of loans) as opposed to a national administration that would use the country and taxpayers’ money.

The company recently test-launched their Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful rocket in the world, and included the re-entry of two thrusters, which touched down in unison on landing pods. These reusable thrusters are another huge innovation by SpaceX, and seeing them work in a real launch was nothing short of spectacular.

In addition to the scientific and financial appeal, the launch furthered Musk’s appeal to youth (and anyone who likes to have a little fun in life) across the globe because of what the rocket actually shot to space.

The rocket, once out of orbit, shot Musk’s own private midnight cherry-red Tesla Roadster on coarse directly for Mars. With a mannequin named “Starman” at the wheel, and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on full blast, SpaceX is bringing badassery back to the space business.

If you think progress in space isn’t as important, Musk’s company Tesla Motors focuses on helping the environment here on Earth. It develops high-tech and efficient electric cars with the goal of ridding society of gas-powered vehicles, and transitioning to ones that are powered by renewable energy.  He believes that since the world will eventually run out, it’s better to get to renewable energy “before more environmental damage is done, not after.”

From semi-trucks and buses to the affordable, family, or luxury options it offers now, the company is making electric cars sleek and powerful — deviating from the ridiculous, cheese-wedge shaped monstrosities that other electric car companies offer. Tesla’s vehicles have also garnered top notch safety ratings, with the Model S receiving the highest safety rating the NHTSA has ever given out.

The world is overdue for Musk’s mindset and means for change. Groundbreaking electric cars through Tesla are leading the world to renewable energy-based vehicle use. With Tesla as an example of how electric cars can thrive in the market, the company may prove to be one of the world’s fighting chances to overcome carbon emission and global warming.

The wonder and curiosity SpaceX is sparking lead to new and inspired scientists and further development of rocket and aerospace products. We are all witnesses of a return to the age of scientific discovery that came in the wake of the 1960’s space race to the moon.

An age that led to the exponential rise in people making waves — waves that helped frame the world as we now know it — and it all started from seeing a rocket escape the earth, breaking the confinement of the lone world we inhabit.

I have something to say to those who believe that it is Musk’s responsibility to drop his ambitions and pour his money into charity. To those who believe spending money in space is a waste of time. To those who believe that the price of these innovations is too great.

Musk and his companies are leading the world to a brighter future, showing us that unreachable goals are now brushing our fingertips, inspiring future generations of world-changers in the process.

Put a price on that.

Photo Credit: Maurizio Pesce

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