News Sources Keeping up with the Digital Age

By Helen Lin

Catlin Gabel Highschool (Portland, Oregon)

As computing power doubles every two years, big news sources in the media such as New York Times (NYT) and CNN hustle to keep up with the evolution of our digital age. While these two news outlets are both known for their quality content and trustworthy presence, they are taking two very unconventional approaches to combat the change that this new era of technology brings. The New York Times has long anticipated the extensive impact of digitalization starting from the year 2009. At that juncture in time, NYT Vice President Michael Zimbalist, prided himself in being one step ahead of the game. As such, NYT was the first in their industry to create a 12-person research and development group with intentions to predict the future of the company to ensure that it remained successful. For them, the focus has been on constructing easily-accessible interfaces to engage the most viewers online. Rather than playing along with The New York Times, CNN has chosen to develop close partnerships with innovative companies such as Facebook and Apple to maximize viewership and to understand the effects of social media in depth. CNN currently offers live Facebook feeds on their website and have their own app which allows their audience to connect with them on social media more freely than ever before. It should become apparent to other journalistic companies that while abiding by old-school core values of journalism is important, understanding current up-to-date technological advances may fare to be equally important. With the attention spans of readers decreasing, it is crucial that journalism remains open-minded and willing to evolve to ensure it stays relevant for years to come.

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