Review: Floyd’s Coffee Shop

By Hannah Jenkins

Tigard, Oregon


Walk down Couch Street in the Old Town district of Portland, and you’ll see a sign hanging from the wooden awning. It’s the sign for Floyd’s Coffee Shop, a locally owned cafe that offers locally roasted coffee, along with hot cocoa, breakfast burritos, and toasted bagels.

Though the shop’s exterior exudes a more professional feel, the interior’s homey atmosphere makes it a worthwhile stop for your morning coffee. As you walk in, the smell of the fresh coffee wafts in with the smorgasbord of baked goods. The brick walls and paintings curated by small artists evoke a local and community-based vibe. Small tables line the store with a couple of well-kept couches in the corner.  An old telephone booth sits by the door. A gated patio connects to the side of the building with strings of lights hung above it, all the more inviting when it gets dark. Floyd’s is one block away from public transportation.

I ordered a toasted bagel with butter. It was delivered fresh from the oven, the spices on the bagel complementary to the warm bread. The service was brisk, despite the shop was preparing to close when I arrived, the staff busy cleaning up. The workers expressed how the shop is usually quite busy during the day. One customer said that this was one of her favorite places to stop and grab a bite before work.

In summary, I would definitely go again, likely long before closing time. The service was attentive and perfect for grab and go, although sitting down to eat is another option aside from closing time.  Three and one-half stars out of five.


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Picture credit: Hannah Jenkins

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