‘Robin Hood’ Movie Review: A Cacophony of Sameness

By Britt Masback and Li Lambert (WANT Editors)

These days, the average movie ticket costs around nine dollars, up more than 6 dollars from the 1980’s. Yet you rarely feel like it was a complete waste, because part of what you are purchasing with your jaunt to the cinemas is the experience with friends, and yes popcorn and a large fountain drink. But, Robin Hood rewrites the script on all of this.

For a movie that is decades in the making, with an all-star cast and cohort of directors, Robin Hood is a mockery of the classic story we all know. Despite having the luxury of an enormous budget ($100 M) and the consult of past Robinhood movies as a canvas, there are few moments that purely entice and excite. A tangle of explosions and faux pieces of “plot development”  are designed to wow the the viewer, but in the age of technological phenomenon, these meager action scenes fail to cover up an otherwise dull and normative film.

The first problem with Robin Hood, is well, the fact that it reads as any other film from the trilogy. The story of Robin Hood: 2018, is a nauseating compilation of the same principles found in any other Robin Hood story. We begin by being acquainted to the rich man living a life of glamour and glitz before he is predictably shipped off to war in a seemingly random act of god. When he returns from seeing the atrocities of battle, he is changed forever, putting his former life behind and becoming a bandit of his pompous circumstances.

Yet, this year’s movies does pursue new avenues for expanding on that classic formula. And while the director deserves acclaim for trying to break the mold, it’s hard to see these changes as anything but holding the story back, not beginning a new era of Robin Hood excellence.

For one, all the of the characters in the movie feel either onenote and basic or overdone and falsely elaborate. Aside from the main character, who has at least a semblance of depth, the supporting cast is largely stagnant, rehashing the same storylines again and again as the film tediously progresses.

From the start, the emphasis for character development seemed to be placed on plot acceleration, with a complete lack of regard for forming any sort of emotion connection. The film thus forced viewers to keep track of the multitude of supporting characters as they traversed the continually changing scenes.

The movie take place over a span of multiple year, with the following characters largely frontrunning the show: Lady Marion, Robin’s love interests, the sheriff, and Will Scarlet, Jamie Dornan’s character. None of these characters are developed and we are not given an understanding of why they have come to be the centerpieces of the film. By the end of the movie, the shaky plot devices were consistently bordering on cliche, and all scope of who died and why was thrown down from the Castle Gauntlet.

Photo Credit: Lionsgate

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