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Say hello to WANT – news for teens, by teens


WANT shares the best in High School journalism from around the country and around the world, and combines it onto one news source to provide a fresh, teen oriented take on the news and a launching board for teen journalistic careers.

WANT is news for teens by teens. We offer youth writers a platform and voice beyond the limited resources and readership of their school paper, providing youth a chance to cover big names and stories and compete with the adult-centric, mainstream media.

WANT has partnered with school journalism programs and writers everywhere from Maine to Florida, New York to Hawaii, and several foreign countries – featuring content ranging from a discussion on the merits of college, to revolutionary art in Cuba, to the impending presidential election. WANT’s immodest goal is to give voice to the voiceless, and to provide our peers with relevant news from their own perspective.

WANT was founded by two friends with a shared love for journalism and using our voices. It has taken us on many adventures, and we are excited to see where we will go next.

Welcome to WANT.

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