Meet the Team

graceMeet Grace.


Grace Masback, 18, aspires to give voice to the voiceless and holds the modest ambition of becoming the voice of Gen Z. She’s the founder of WANT, a news, sports, and entertainment website that aggregates the best in high school journalismfrom school papers and teen bloggers worldwide ( Grace writes for the Huffington Post and and consults on web strategy and content for School of Doodle. She was recently the Oregon Representative to the Neuharth Free Spirit & Journalism Conference (Washington, D.C.) and the ANNpower Vital Voices Forum (NYC), and was awarded a Catlin Gabel Innovation Fellowship to develop a summer journalism program for disadvantaged youth. In March, she took her third visit to rural villages in Nicaragua, where she focuses on empowering girls, helping them realize the life-altering nature of gaining the skills necessary for a productive career. Back home in Portland, Oregon, she works with the Bus Project to register young people to vote, ran the youth campaign for a successful mayoral candidate, and co-organized the city’s first-ever forum on the police use of force. She lives by the C.G. Jung admonition, “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

Meet Britt.


Britt Masback, 16, believes that young people have the responsibility to speak out and take action on the issues that will affect the world today and in the future. Britt is the founder and CEO of Youth Educating Police, a youth-led nonprofit working to combat growing conflict between Police and youth. A voting member of the Multnomah Youth Commision, Britt remains politically active and attended the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He has led the organization of the first two WANT Summer Journalism Fellowships and is a two-year participant in Varsity Mock Trial. Britt loves to run and worked for NBC Sports at the 2015 and 2017 World Track & Field Championships and the 2016 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. Britt is motivated by Gandhi’s admonition that, “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing there will be no results.”


CaitlinCircle.jpg Meet Caitlin.

Caitlin Smith is a Sophomore at Tigard High, where she occupies her time with cheerleading and overachieving.  She is the president of English National Honor Society and French club.  Someday, she wants to be a journalist that people from different places of nurture can rely on.  Until then, she will continue to write for local papers in the finest little city in the world.  

  185920_eaba1483d5c042598e2054be0a0fc5e2-mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2.jpgMeet Li.


Li lambert, 15, is a teenager in Oregon who spends most of his days enjoying the relaxing notes of tv, video games, reading, and dining out. He is also a talented fencer and martial artist. The most important thing however, is li’s passion for news, especially news written by teenagers for teenagers.




Meet Sydney.


Sydney the quiet hipster of the group is an avid equestrian who has been competing on horses since she was eight years old. She enjoys visual story telling, with an emphasis on videography and infographics. In her free time Sydney enjoys rock climbing, long walks with Grace’s dog Astro and sifting through obscure vintage stores.


Meet Juma


Contributing Author

A track star with an affinity for perfection, the written and visual arts, social justice, and the 400m. When he isn’t lost in his own world of, “doing nothing while getting everything done,” Juma is co-leading his school’s Black Student Union, attending conversations about issues in our world today, or engaging in intellectually passionate discussions surrounding the troubles of a teenage life.


Meet Gunnar.gunnar

Creative Writer

Gunnar enjoys running and does it excessively, but finds it can help focus his writing and inspires even more creative content. Besides running he does yoga, rock climbing, soccer, and wants to try Frisbee golf. When not running around he enjoys a hot cup of tea, a nice book, and good company.



keeganMeet Keegan.
Contributing Author

Being a California kid, Keegan enjoys warm summer days, road
trips, adventurous nature-related activities, and swimming in the sea. Although he plays a lot of soccer, he also is heavily involved in the musical scene and plays a total of three instruments and sings. His biggest influences include David Beckham, Ed Sheeran and Ellen. He just released his first album.



ameyaMeet Ameya.
Social Media Guru

Ameya is a New York Native who’s always on an adventure. She travels back and forth between her homes in Portland and New York City. Born a curious creative, she grew up exploring oceans, local libraries, art museums, kitchens and closets. She loves fresh notebooks, taking photos, sketching, street food, collecting quirky objects, live music, epic beach sunsets and all animals. She’s a news hound who is passionate about aesthetics and equity.



Meet Maya.
Comic illustrator
Maya has always enjoyed storytelling but only branched out into comic/graphic novel style recently. She’s a classically trained violinist and enjoys discussing current social issues.
Meet Aidan.


Website Doctor
Aidan is WANT’s resident computer genius. It is his prowess in CSS, PHP, HTML, Java, and more that keep the WANT site functional and dynamic. When not typing away on his computer Aidan is a talented singer and actor who starred as an secret agent in his 8th grade musical. He also enjoys playing the card game “Magic” and testing his mathematical knowledge in advanced physics.

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